About Rebecca


Rebecca Cleary is a freelance memoirist and poet living on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Passionate about our human life journeys and her profound belief that each of us is a spiritual being having a human experience, Rebecca seeks, via memoir and soul-centered reflective poetry, to recount significant moments of her life, desiring to strengthen the web of interconnection and engagement among all life in the Universe, empowering women’s voices and agency in particular.

Possessing insatiable intellectual curiosity since childhood, Rebecca received a BA in mathematics and secondary education with a minor in psychology (side interests in comparative religion and political science) from Lindenwold College, St. Charles, MO in the spring of 1969. Marriage followed that December. Three daughters arrived over the next five years. The discovery of her oldest daughter’s learning disability shunted her aspirations for a teaching career into research and advocacy for those with learning differences, tutoring and supporting her daughter through grade school, high school, and college. Volunteer work at her other daughters’ school brought her into dissonance with bishops’ resistance to AIDs and safe sex education for Catholic high school students and launched her into activist feminism within the church. Her unquenchable desire to learn propelled her into a search for the historical Jesus, in-depth historical/critical Biblical studies, ongoing psycho-spiritual exploration, and eventually an MA in theology and Pastoral Ministry at the Washington Theological Union in DC. The constant bass rhythm to these activities was  conscientious and unflagging support and contribution to her husband’s career as corporate wife, as he moved from junior auditor to president and chief operating officer of a major hotel and hospitality company.

While at seminary Rebecca became spiritual companion to Stacey, a young woman living with a terminal neurological illness. Thus began another learning foray into body-mind connection and the spiritual dimensions of health and transformation. Following a reluctantly requested divorce from her husband of 30 years in 2001, Rebecca embarked upon a cross-country journey in pursuit of PhD studies in Women’s Spirituality at the California Institute for Integral Studies. In 2004, Rebecca became committed life partner with Stacey, now into her fifth remission. Stacey left this physical incarnation in March 2014. Rebecca’s phenomenal adventures of ongoing transformation and awakening continue to this day.

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