A Visit from Stacey

Rebecca Cleary

Certain Uncertainty,oil on canvas by Stacey Bakula, 2008.

(…based on Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, with these timely reflections by Stacey that I just rediscovered in my computer files. She must have written this as she was prepping to do this painting or shortly thereafter. Her words echo deeply. I found it so amazing that as her brain was literally eroding away she was listening to lectures and exploring quantum physics, chaos theory, string theory, etc. All showed up in her paintings…)

In physics and chemistry, wave–particle duality is the concept that all energy (and thus all matter) exhibits both wave-like and particle-like properties. Being a central concept of quantum mechanics, this duality addresses the inadequacy of classical concepts like “particle” and “wave” in fully describing the behavior of quantum-scale objects.

Certian Uncertainty

We are all a piece of used parchment.  The hide of the dead, dried and preserved.  Scribbled and written with…

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