A new poem

Morning After Mourning

Grief lands
Sets down its bags
Begins claiming space
As initial overwhelm of loss
Slowly dissipates
A new roommate
To now accommodate
Grief’s weight
Bends light
Throws shadow
Gradually fades into the wall paper
Unless and until
A breeze through the window
Or dust rag or mop
Bumps, shifts, nudges
Disturbs its winter’s nap,
And then once more eventually
It settles into its quiet corner.

But mourning –
Mourning bides time
In the pouch of grief’s shadow
Before emerging.

Mourning slogs through bogs
Sucking footfall after sucking footfall
Trudging through the night
… After night
… After night
Through weeks, months, years
Forced march however long
Until finally
A long last low crawl
Creeping to the precipice
That final daunting edge
Where dawn dares to entice
Tease, flirt
Faintly glimmer
Finally break
Lifting clouds
Dispelling fog
Shooting rays of rose and gold
Tentative at first
At long last
Radiant, vibrant, warmly healing
Newly strengthened musculature
Of heart and soul
Tempered to new resilience
Ready to knock down cobwebs
In the corner where grief slumbers.

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