The Stacey Bakula VORTEXT Scholarship Fund at Hedgebrook

Santa 2006

Dear friends,

** please see update at botttom

Those of you who know me at all will recognize the import of the “ask” I am putting out into the universe today. Asking is not something I do comfortably or easily.

A year ago, I initiated a scholarship fund at Hedgebrook to assist more women of diverse backgrounds in participating in the annual VORTEXT weekend program. I did this in Stacey’s memory as I know how passionate she always was about helping those, like herself, whose life situations often bar them from access to life-expanding opportunities such as those that Hedgebrook offers. The outcome was a rich and valuable infusion of vibrant energy and voice that enriched all participants at the weekend program.

This year, as I continue my support, I feel urged to help grow the scholarship funds, so I am inviting friends and acquaintances who are able and may feel so moved to also contribute to Stacey’s memorial fund. It is fitting that this outreach comes now on the third anniversary of her passing.

Response to the scholarship application opportunities this year has been robust. Scholarship offers will go out next weekend, so if you could possibly make a donation by this Friday, March 31, that would be amazing. That way Hedgebrook will know how many full or partial scholarships they can offer. The goal is to be able to assist 25 writers this year.

Any amount you can give will help. A link to the donation page is here: Hedgebrook  Or you can mail a check to Hedgebrook, PO Box 1231, Freeland, WA 98249-9911 (360-321-4786).

Please notate that your gift is for the Stacey Bakula VORTEXT Scholarship Fund.

In the climate in which we find ourselves today, adding to the richness of dialogue, discussion, and story-sharing by broadening the opportunities for voices that otherwise would continue to be marginalized is critical I hope you will help as much as you can. (If you already happen to be a donor to Hedgebrook, I am cautious about diverting funds from other important needs but suggest that if you wish you might designate a portion of you gift for the scholarship fund — or maybe even increase your generous giving by just a tad more???)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and considering this possibility.

More information about VORTEXT can be found here: VORTEXT

**I have been asked for a dollar figure for how much more it will take to fully fund the 25 scholarships Hedgebrook would like to offer. That target amount is $10,000 additional to fully fund. Thanks!


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