Who ARE You?



Who ARE you???
(Not a poem for the faint of ears or eyes!)

That face in the mirror
That one — the one staring back at me —
Who ARE you?
Beyond the physical.
How did I grow so old so quickly?
Beyond the shades of mom and dad.
Who ARE you?

You are facile now
With such taboos as “shit” and “fuck.”
Remember when “sugar” and “fudge”
Delineated your decorum?

Especially “fuck” —
Did you ever dream
It could feel so liberating?

Is it called an expletive
Because it’s explosive eruption
Vents like steam from a pressure cooker?

How did you come to this?
Sink so low?
NO. Actually, rise so high.

Like a balloon high on helium
Floating in unfettered space
Freed to be it’s true balloon self.

A lot of deep exhale
Is required for balloon inflation.
Excavating long-held breath,

Inhalations and swallowings
Of decades-worth of
Shoulds/shouldn’t’s, musts/mustn’t’s.

How DOES it feel now
To fully choose to live out
Your very own “fuck it” list?


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