From my heart: a reflection and a video poem


I haven’t been on this blog since February. Frankly, I just got too weighed down by world events. The horrible tragedies that have occurred around the world; the prolific insanity of gun violence here at home; wars and airstrikes and refugees; an inane political environment and toxic presidential campaign; bigotry, hatred, racism, vilification of broad groups of human beings. I could go on and on.

I had to shut it out… go inside. Tend to my heart and my body. Reflection, introspection, meditation, deep healing. Holding all the hurt of the world while trying to find a way to remain aware and engaged. Envisioning possibilities, positivity, connection, and most of all the immense power of love that is accessible to all of us all of the time.

I am probably not through this time yet. The astrology for this year has been affecting each and every one of us whether we have been cognizant of it or not. Those energies are still playing out. In my personal case, I am being coerced to rest, recuperate, heal and “whole” until early next spring. At that point, there will be a noticeable shift and an impetus into something new, but I will have to be patient and allow that to appear. For now, I am reminded daily to remain in this moment, this now. Dark, heavy, frightening as this heartbeat may be, it is truly just for this moment. I cannot see what the next breath will bring.

What has remained constant throughout this ride through these emotional, psychological and spiritual rapids is the absolute trust in that I am held by a loving Source, that love connects us all, and that anything I need will be sent my way if I remain open and loving through it all. And so I seek to radiate this love constantly and in all directions, to every entity in this spectacular Universe.

Please take a look at the video poem that “arrived” through me during these past several weeks and is available on YouTube.

The Martyrs to Our Awakening

For those who have asked, here is a link to a PDF of the text for the poem…

The Martyrs to Our Awakening (text)




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