The Giver The Giver, by Sharon Spencer


Writing memoir

Returns me to spaces

Deep and distant


Mind recalls

But cells remember

Angst, turmoil, joy, wonder


All continue

To live in this body

Battle stories, beaux gestes



Connects as well to profound

Silenced voices and erased


Experiences of grandmothers,

Aunts, greats-, and great-greats-,

Women who urge me to speak


Now and tomorrow

To tell stories their genes

Breathe into me


Tales unvoiced,

Disallowed and discredited,

Too dangerous to loose


Into a world

Hell-bent on keeping them

Buried and invisible


Their courage

Moves from cells to pen

As I tell my story


Unearth and echo theirs…

                           From Liminal: Poetry from the Depths of Transition



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