Toast to A Winter Storm

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


Toast to a Winter Storm

Eagle and her partner Cloud
Float upon the strains
Of Wind’s Big Band.
Waltz, foxtrot, two-step, swing,
Glide, spin, twirl, dip.
Tempos change mid-breath.

Crows tango mid-air,
Apart, together,
Flutter, join, lift, separate,
A few more rounds,
Then off to other discos.

Chickadees cha-cha and promenade.
Juncos do-si-do, bow and curtsy.
Hummingbirds pirouette.
Flickers flit and arabesque.
Siskins and towhees Lindy Hop.
Stellar jay calls the moves.

Heron and eagle sip wine of frosty air.
Red tail hovers on occasion.
Owls bravo from afar.
Breeze carries the tune,
Raindrops add percussion.
Shifting storm light sets the mood.

I delectably imbibe
This winter’s stormy morning
In my Pacific Northwest haven.
Life is going to the birds…

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