It’s Alive!

I made the leap. After much finagling and multiple finesses, I have negotiated the CreateSpace process and birthed the actuality of my first book. (It was actually a good experience.) The book is now available in print and on Kindle.

book announcement

After the initial adrenaline rush of the creative process, to know that it is out in the world and available to anyone who wishes to read it is a somewhat mixed sensation. I am thrilled of course and also immensely heartened by the gracious and sincerely positive feedback and encouragement I have received by my first readers. There is also something surreal about being in this space as well, something like a “so what’s the big deal?” voice that wants to horn in and cast a shadow over this achievement. I am sure I am not the only writer who hears such inner carping. But I choose to mute the sound on this one.

I am thrilled to be able to share this volume of poetry with those who are drawn to read it. I am so grateful for all the people and moments in my life that have contributed to its creation. I offer deep acknowledgement and profound gratitude to that immense Wisdom that surrounds me and flows through me when I make myself available to hear and channel it, to move my ego-self out of the way.

That I celebrate this event at this time of Gratitude-ing makes it ever more meaningful. For all of you who are reading this I express a heart full of appreciation and wish you an abundance of joy and peace.

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