The Depths of Transition


On every level of our existence, we live in a state of transition. Cosmically, we are currently shifting through astrological ages, from the Age of Pisces (key words: “to be or not to be,” “I believe”)  into the Age of Aquarius (key words: “Be to Be,” “I know”). This multi-decade long passage leaves no element
of our lives untouched. Culture, society, politics; everything we think we know; the very reality we have relied upon: nothing escapes transmutation. Change is encoded within the Universe. This current movement will take us fro
m an approximately two thousand year-long age dominated by hierarchy and power, by certainty of beliefs and fundamentalism, into a similarly long age permeated by networks and information, by equality rather than hierarchy.

With these developments occurring on a universal stage, is it any wonder that so many of us are feeling the growing pains of personal transformation? Increasing self-awareness; an urgency toward self-improvement and healthier, more holistic lifestyles; greater emphasis on mental and psychological health and healing; human rights in all their manifestations; environmental consciousness and the plight of the planet; global interconnectedness and the quality of life of all beings: these become inescapable questions and issues staring us in the face.

Our struggle and challenge, often our deepest fear and resistance, are to awaken from the delusional comfort of sleepwalking through our lives; to awaken to the vibrant, dynamically alive, electrically vigorous, spirit-imbued life and depth of feeling available to us in the here and now; to become fully alive in the present moment; and to experience the joy and wonder, the gratitude and compassion, the sheer love and mutual support available to us when we dare to allow ourselves to know and trust the profound connection we share with all of life.

This won’t be easy, but neither is resisting the conversion that is going on in spite of us. Surrender is not defeat. This is not an ‘us versus them’ scenario. We are all in it together. To embrace this journey is to honor ourselves as well as the sacredness of All-That -Is. Together and individually we create our stories. Let’s make them good ones.

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